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Four Awesome Promo Item Ideas For An Outdoor Event

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Outdoor community events, such as community fairs and festivals, can be a great place to spread the word about your business. This is especially true if your service or product targets family or home life. The key is to provide your booth's visitors with the right type of promotional product. Items that are meant for immediate use to make the day outdoors more comfortable, but aren't disposable, can be some of the best options. Use the following list for ideas and inspiration.

#1. Knapsacks and Tote Bags

Visitors to outdoor events often end up with their hands full. This is where your promotional product can stand out. Opt for string knapsacks if the event caters to children, and nice tote bags if it caters to adults. Skip the flimsy nylon varieties with the screen printed logo – this is what everyone else is handing out. Opt for a slightly heavier version with an embroidered logo. Everyone else's flimsy bags will get stuffed into yours, so it will be your logo that the visitors are showing off and advertising for free.

#2. Visors or Hats

These are an excellent promo item for outdoor events that take place on sunny days. You can choose inexpensive foam visors for events that are aimed at children since they often like the foamy texture and bright colors. Opt for cloth hats or visors, with an embroidered logo, for adults. If you want to ensure that the visitor continues to wear your hat long after the event is over (which provides ongoing free advertisement), choose a neutral color for the hat like black, gray, navy or white.

#3. Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles can come in handy at an outdoor event. To ensure they don't end up forgotten and later disposed of, add a water station to your booth. Simply rent a water cooler for the event and allow visitors to the booth to take a bottle, emblazoned with your logo, and fill it up for free. This also gives you a chance to chat with the visitor as they fill their bottle, so you can further help boost your chances of a future sell.

#4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen can quickly become a highly sought after item at an outdoor event. Why not provide small tubes of sunscreen attached to a reusable keyring? Both the sunscreen and the keyring should feature your logo. Lip balm and hand sanitizer are other options that also work well as a keyring giveaway item.

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